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Quiz Katie Challenge - All About Glimmer Mist

This Month’s Quiz Katie Question is from…
 Brenda in Leavenworth Kansas

She asked…
What do I do with this bottle of Glimmer Mist I got for Christmas?

Glimmer Mist

Glimmer Mists are one of the easiest ways to add sparkle and color to a project. It’s also great for making any paper project coordinate and come together, especially if your colors don’t match perfectly. Remember, do NOT fear the spray. Just try it. It’s so much fun to use!

What to use it on:
*I always use the stuff for collage type projects to give them a completed look.
*Use on paper or fabric flowers. This is my favorite use for them.
*Use it to distress or alter paper before adding it to any project.
*Works great on wood items. Paint them first and then spray to add sparkle.
*Use the spray on craft projects with canvas, glass, plastics and metals.
*Tape down a stencil and spray to add color in the shape.

Tips When Using Glimmer Mist:
Tip #1
Don’t forget to shake up the bottle before spraying, but be careful, it will jam up if you shake it incorrectly. I always roll it around in my hands like you would do if you were rolling play dough into a long snake. That way the glitter isn’t forced up into the pipe. This keeps them from clogging as much.

Tip #2
The spray top is designed to be depressed fully. If you get really timid and only press it half way, the liquid will leak and come out in a splatter instead of a mist. If you’re worried, test out the spray on a scratch piece of paper. If you only want a small amount, move further away from the paper. Don’t spray slower.

Tip #3
Some mist colors are dark and can be used almost like spray paint to change the color of your surface while others are a glint of sparkle that is very subtle.

Tip #4
The glitter is water soluble. I just set my image in the bottom of a dry sink with a paper towel and go at it. Once done, I just rinse the extra ink and glitter down the drain. If you do get ink on a surface, just use a little bit of Windex to clean it up.

Tip #5
Because it is water soluble, it can also cause many inks and images to run and blur. I recommend testing the spray on any ink you might want to use. The glimmer mist is fine over Copic markers once completely dry, but will make most stamp and printer inks run. Big bummer if you spent a lot of time coloring up a cute image.

Tip #6
Don’t touch the ink surface while it is wet or you will get a little glimmer mist finger print on your project that won’t wipe away.

Tip #7
The project will become slightly wet when you spray it. If it is not fully dry, or if you have any edges that are not completely glued down, the edges of the paper will curl up. Whatever you use to paste stuff down with, make sure it goes all the way to the edge and give it a chance to dry. The glimmer mist usually works best on paper or elements before you add them to a project.

Tip #8
If you want to use the paper right away, use a heat gun to help the ink dry more quickly.

Tip #9
Sometimes the glitter will get stuck in the pump when you shake the bottle and dry there. This causes the pump to stick and stop working. Nasty trick. If this happens, you can submerge the whole spray top into really hot water with a few drops of white vinegar and dish detergent and leave it over night to soak. This will break up the adhesive and fix the clog. If it doesn’t work, just toss the spray and get a new one. You can buy the spray tops by themselves if you really need to replace them.

Tip #10
If the mist you choose doesn’t have enough color or it is the wrong color, try adding a few drops of alcohol based ink to the bottle. Keep in mind that once you do you can never go back. It doesn’t work to add extra water. 

Tip #11
Sometimes the spray will splatter instead of mist. This is good for some projects, but if you don’t want splatters, keep a Q-Tip nearby so you can soak up the extra moisture. Simply tap the Q-tip gently to any large drips while the ink is still wet. This doesn’t always work on darker colors but helps a lot with the lighter ones. It also helps to use thicker paper as it will soak up more moisture and show fewer splatter after it is dry.

Tip #12
If you are feeling really crafty, try making your own glimmer mist in any empty mist spray bottle by adding water, paint and mica powder or pearlizing medium. You can use any color of water based paint. When doing this, start by adding a few drops of each and then testing. You can always add more paint or water to adjust the mixture. I also like to add a tsp or so of a liquid adhesive like zip dry. Shake it all up and you’re ready to go.

Techniques with Glimmer Mist:
The glimmer mist doesn't show up very well in the photos, but it will still give you an idea.

Technique #1 – Light Mist
Start spraying from about 1 foot away from your project and wave your arm across the project surface. Mist half a dozen sprays to give a light glisten without a lot of color.

Technique #2 – Multi Color
Mix things up by spraying two or three different colors on your paper. Try spraying some close up and some from far back. I like using a dark mist color to cover the paper and then a lighter mist color to accent it. This process makes a really dynamic glitter paper.

Technique #3 – Brush Effect
Glimmer Mists do not mix with blending solution like an alcohol ink does, but you can brush it around while it is still wet using a sponge or felt pad.

Technique #4 – Marbled Effect
Spray one or more glimmer mist color onto a resistant surface until it pools up into little droplets. While it’s wet, scrunch up a paper towel, dip a few times into the ink and then dab onto the paper.

Technique #5 – Multi Medium
Combine the glimmer mist liquid with distress inks, alcohol inks, chalks or paints to fully transform your paper.

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